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Picture of Merguez Chipolatas
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Picture of Chicken Breasts - 5kg pack
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Australian Black Angus Fillet

Whole fillet of Black Angus beef
From £55.00

Australian Black Angus Ribeye

A whole Black Angus Ribeye

Australian Black Angus Rump

A whole rump of premium Black Angus beef

Australian Black Angus Sirloin

A trimmed joint cut of Black Angus
From £39.50

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Our hand-picked selections:

'The Smithfield'

A great selection of 27 portions of mixed meats Price includes free delivery and 20% first timers discount. A real taste of Smithfield.

'The Steakhouse'

8 cuts of prime beef steak, fresh from market

'The Bodybuilder'

34 portions of lean meats INCLUDES FREE DELIVERY
Special Offers

Venison Steaks

2 wild red deer steaks - SAVE 15%

Cornfed French Chicken Legs

10 extra tasty portions - SAVE 10%

Gressingham Duck Legs x2

A midweek treat - SAVE 15%

Pork Chops 8oz

4 or 8 chops - SAVE 20%
From £6.32

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