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Beef Steaks

We’re big fans of beef. As much as we love other meats, we always come back to beef in the end. However, there can be a big difference in quality, depending on breeds and farming methods, but we believe we have found the best beef available. Choose from British, Australian, or South American - our ranges of beef are all superb, but in different ways.

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10oz Rump Steak

2 Large Grass-fed Australian Rump steaks

6oz Fillet Steak

2 Grass-fed Australian Fillet steaks

8oz Ribeye Steak

2 Grass-fed Australian Ribeye steaks

8oz Sirloin Steak

2 Grass-fed Australian Sirloin steaks

T-Bone Steak - pack of 3

Choose from 10oz, 13oz or 16oz steaks
From £20.00

T-Bone Steak 12oz

A huge double-sided cut

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