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Lane's BBQ Rubs

We love to barbecue, and we cannot explain how excited we are now the weather’s finally starting to warm up and outdoor cooking season is so close.
Cooking over coals (or gas!) really brings out our inner caveman and it’s just a much more rewarding way of cooking than almost anything else.

Here in the UK we’re far behind the BBQ game as it is in the USA, and most barbecues we get invited to are based around burgers and sausages, grilled until they’re over-done and crunchy.
There’s so much more to barbecue than this!

Because of our love of barbecuing we wanted to bring you something special and help to raise your BBQ to the next level.

And therefore - may we introduce you to Lane’s BBQ Rubs and Sauces.

Ryan Lane is an award-winning pitmaster from Bethlehem in Georgia, where barbecuing is a way of life. Ryan was making rubs and sauces for himself, but because he had so much interest in them from friends, family, and rival pitmasters, he set up his own company to make and distribute them.

Lane’s rubs are made from all natural, dry ingredients, with seasoning and spices in various mixes to give your meat of choice a massive punch of flavour.
They’re gluten free, with no added preservatives or MSG.
And they’re so easy to use; just take your meat out of the fridge 30 minutes before cooking, lightly oil and coat generously in your choice of rub, then cook as normal.
The rub adds flavour and also helps the meat stay moist and tender, as it forms a delicious crust on the outside, keeping the moisture inside where you want it.

Our favourite rub is probably the classic Signature – it’s a savoury blend with a hint of ancho chilli for a mild kick of heat.
Sweet Heat has more spice, and if you’re feeling brave SPF53 is the hottest rub that Lane’s make.

Lane’s also have a range of sauces, and we’re proud to say we stock all of them.
Sorta White is mayonnaise-based with subtle spices, and Kinda Sweet is like the best BBQ sauce you’ve ever tried – but better!
One-Legged Chicken sauce is a fiery, smoky sauce that is perfect slathered on chicken wings before cooking.

We’re confident you’ll love Lane’s as much as we do, and all orders placed in April and May will come with a sample pack of Lane’s Signature rub so you can try it yourself. Each sample pack is enough for 2-4 chicken breasts depending how seasoned you like them. Just lightly oil the chicken, toss it in the rub until the chicken’s covered, and either roast for 30 minutes or cook on the BBQ.

These Rubs will change how you barbecue forever!

We are delighted to be the sole UK importer and distributor of the full range of Lane’s rubs and sauces, and we hope you will be as impressed with them as we are.

If you're looking for inspiration on cooking with your Lane's rubs, take a look at their Instagram page which is regularly updates with dishes cooked by Ryan Lane and others using his rubs.

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Lane’s BBQ Rubs and Sauces

10th April 2017