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Thanksgiving in the UK

Thanksgiving is one of the main events on the American calendar, and although the precise date changes every year it’s always celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November.

This year Thanksgiving falls on Thursday the 23rd November, and this will be when Americans around the world gather with their nearest and dearest (and eat huge amounts of food).

The origins of Thanksgiving lie with the Pilgrim Fathers, the first English settlers in America back in the 1600s. Their original celebration was after their first successful harvest, when they had a feast which lasted for 3 days and they invited a tribe of local Native Americans to share their food with them.

Thanksgiving today is of course centred on food, but it is also a day to spend with loved ones and is viewed by most as the first event of the festive season.

Here in the UK we’ve seen Thanksgiving grow from something that most people had only heard of in films and TV a few years ago, and it’s now an increasingly popular event for US ex-pats, and also the Brits that feel they're missing out and want a piece of the action.
10 years ago we only sold a handful of turkeys in November, but now the days leading up to Thanksgiving are some of our busiest in the whole year as the turkeys start to fly out – and every year it gets busier!

We deliver all across the UK so wherever you are, if you're celebrating Thanksgiving in the UK you can rely on us to deliver your turkey, right to your door.

Thanksgiving is probably more celebrated in the UK for the fact that the following day is Black Friday, and the start of a weekend of large discounts at many retailers.
We like to join in the fun and our Black Friday sale will be on its way right after Thanksgiving, so keep an eye out for some savings!

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2nd November 2017